Eleventh Grade Vibes

After being away for 7 months, I'm finally posting again! August 2015 until February 2016 has been such a hectic period for me. I was faced by a lot of things I need to handle and of course, another heartbreak of being left (again, LOL). But I'm pretty much okay right now, because I have been getting a lot of refreshing lately so I feel way more relieved than ever.

I've been doing some more activities at school and also am waiting for a very important announcement right now. I have my upcoming A2 German test on March 19th and I'm currently having my mid-term! Whoa, everything is just going so fast, it's almost 2/3 of my high school life already. While I've been being so busy for the past few months, I've also encountered a lot of new hobbies that's been helping me to calm myself down a bit.

I've been watching Game of Thrones since ever and finally, last week, I FINISHED EVERYTHING. Season 1 to 5. God, I am so proud of myself. I started watching the series about 2 years ago and I couldn't help but procrastinate to finish it because the storyline is so hard for my brain to process and most of the time I didn't really have any spare time to watch it. But I finished it, thanks to God, and all that I wanted to say was that Jaime Lannister is so attractive. Help.

I've also finished reading 4 Murakami books, which are: 1Q84 (2 years of reading), Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, Wind/Pinball, and A Wild Sheep Chase. I must say Norwegian Wood is still my favourite Murakami writing but Colorless is following closely behind because the plot is just so relatable to my real life. Haruki Murakami never fails to impress me, seriously.

During the past few months, I've also found some very nice music to listen to (check my scrobbles at Last.fm to see) and they have become such a healing for me. I often get sad and lonely (more like everytime) and whenever I listen to these tracks, I just feel like I found a new hope for my life. And yeah, I know I'm so late for the party, but ONE OK ROCK is just a really nice band. They're probably going to be one band that I'm going to love forever just like Oasis.

That's pretty much what I've been doing since August, and I'll be coming back soon with another post of an interesting topic here. I hope I won't be too busy. See ya!




Nell: Erase and Delete

7 months passed and I finally got a grip on this blog again. It's been a very hectic period for me, as I have participated in not least than 5 different events held by my school. Some things occur, obviously, and they are what I'm going to talk about here. But first of all, I want to talk about Nell.

Nell, yes, I have been listening to this band for around good 2 years (found them out around early 2013, thanks to this fan fiction I read). Nell's music is actually one of the rarest case where I actually don't hate any of their songs. Of course there are some that I like better than the others, but listening to their whole discography just never fails to amaze me. Plugging my earphones one and carefully listening to each of the story their songs are telling is just like doing some kind of adventure to a place you've never been. One time you are in a dark forest, the next time you are already on the shore of the blue calm beach. And by this, Nell's songs have affected a lot of aspects in my life including my way of thinking and my taste in stuff.

During my hectic period, I have experienced mostly hurt and tiredness of reality. There was a time when I got rejected from something that I really wanted to get in, the other time a group of people had a major fight with me because of some stupid dumbfucked drama. And when these things happened, I actually tried things that I can get away with and then I got reminded of something very essential in this whole world: Nell.

So I started to listen to their discography again, from their very first album to their latest one, and here I am, being someone who can't stop humming to their songs 24/7. Nell has very good and sometimes depressing lyrics that it just relates to me a lot. They have those suicidal tendencies tracks and when I listen to them it feels like they're actually giving me hope instead of telling me to do the things they are talking about. 

And for that, I am here to write down some of the Nell tracks that I really love to death.

  1. The Day Before
  2. Grey Zone
  3. Haven
  4. The Rain of Falling Leaves
  5. Counting Pulses
  6. Limit
  7. Time Spent Walking on Memories
  8. Slip Away
  9. Losing Control
  10. In Days Gone By
  11. Holding onto Gravity
  12. White Night
  13. Separation Anxiety
  14. Four Times Around The Sun
  15. It's Like That Anyway

I'm writing the tracks in their English titles and I hope you would spare some time to listen to these songs and maybe, choose your own favourites and find the other songs too. I think searching them up on Youtube would save the time. And for the beginning, just try Grey Zone as a starter or something. Trust me, it has a really good opening melody.